This is my last post about this stupid topic, because it is what they do always DRAMA DRAMA AND MORE DRAMA, All of you are invited to my store. I have set there some examples with ProPose poses and PosESioN poses, so you can see with your own eyes that they are the same, and not similar how they say. Also you have here all gyazos with both options, and gyazos from the date when i have uploaded those poses.

url to see the stands:

Dates when i have uploaded the poses:

Also I want to say that all of you know me from long time, and you know that VESTIGE style and my own style are totally different. VESTIGE is still with their store on marketplace so you can see there, if they have these poses on their market. I am not nervous at all, because i know what I do, and I do my own work: All models that ask me for custom poses know my work and that i am ORIGINAL in my poses and walks,

I agree that other people can open their own stores, and when they asked me i said of course, go, but not with copybotted, this is what i say.


News at MOM December/January


My Friend Couple Pose AD

This round we have at MOM, a new set of poses for male called Curtis, 10 poses for your modeling life and photography creations, Also we have created a couple pose for Friends, so you can share with your friend, lovely pics!

We have a new set of walks called Edgar 16 walks high quality!

This event start 20th of december till 15th of January


*PosESioN* Erotic Christmas Photo Contest

Erotic Christmas Contest


*PosESioN* Erotic Christmas Photo Contest

We are pleased to announce our Erotic Christmas Photo Contest.

Requirements for the contest

1) Join *PosESioN* Poses Group (free enrollment)

2) Take a full body photo using one of the three couple poses exclusively from the “Erotic” Series. (photo must be Erotic Christmas-themed) These couple poses are available for sale in our Mainstore.
The price of each couple pose is 100L and the price of the Full Pack is 250L (the 3 poses are included in the Full Pack).
(These couple poses are not included in the promotion of store credit and it’s not accept payment by gift card)

These are the pics of the 3 erotic couple poses that you can use for your photo

Erotic Christmas Contest Full Pack

*PosESioN* Mainstore SLurl:

3) Rename your photo just like that:  *PosESioN* Erotic Christmas Photo Contest (your avatar name) – please use your avatar name, not display name or we can’t find you in case you win.

4) Submit your photo to this Flickr Group:

5) Submit only one photo per avatar.

6) The contest begins 1st December 2015 and the deadline is 1st January 2016 Midnight SLT


– 1st Prize: 3000L in cash
– 2nd Prize: 2000L Gift Card
– 3rd Prize: 1000L Gift Card

The winner will be announced only in a Notice in the *PosESioN* Poses Group

– *PosESioN* reserves the right to disqualify any image that does not respect the rules mentioned in the notecard.

– When you submit an image you are giving *PosESioN* the right to use the image in any form we may require (publications, promotions, etc.)

If you have any question send a notecard to Gretel Bulloch

Thank you so much.

Dahriel *PosESioN* CEO
Gretel Bulloch *PosESioN* Manager

Flickr Group: